For more than 25 years, I’ve been talking to you about daily life in Tasmania – our hopes and challenges, and the need to  both grow and protect all that’s special about this island home we treasure.

We’ve been there for each other through the highs and lows, the tears and laughter, and frustrations!

Now it’s time for action.

I want to use my experience, understanding, connections and enthusiasm to preserve and promote our special state.

I will be your voice in State Parliament.

With your vote, I will push for a productive and proactive majority Labor government, standing up for the health and well-being of all Tasmanians.

I will continue to listen and work hard to foster a progressive, ambitious and inclusive Tasmania, and stand up for our blossoming community.

It’s time for a positive, cooperative approach to building our state, with strong leadership that represents the many, not the few.

Do get in touch and I look forward to seeing you out-and-about in Denison.


About Tim

You may know Tim from his many years on local radio but who’s the bloke behind the mic?

Here’s a potted history of his 50 (or so) years on the planet…

Tim was born in Sydney and grew up in working class Ryde with his mum, who managed shopping centres, and dad, a clerk and copywriter (who also worked nights as a jazz drummer), and a younger brother and sister.

Tim’s school reports reflected his love of “participating in class discussions” but his true love was music and he spent many happy years working in a record store, enjoying the heady 80s!

He’s no stranger to hard work – from the tender age of 12, Tim was selling chokos door-to-door for pocket money, then had a paper run, was assistant milkman, spent some time behind the pass at Maccas and had a stint of bartending (don’t ask for the Malibu surfboard!).

One of his early jobs was drilling holes in circuit boards for taxi meters but that only lasted a day and his entire wage was spent on two David Bowie cassettes!

Perhaps his most gruelling job was 12 months rising through the ranks at a legal publisher from storeman, to bindery hand, printer’s offsider, then proof reader. One of his strongest memories there was feeling the Newcastle earthquake on the factory floor.

In 1983, a Cox family holiday to tranquil Hobart prompted them to up stumps for a “more accessible, meaningful and humane” way of life. In 1984, they settled in Taroona.

Tim sweet-talked his first radio job as an ad writer at 7HT, alongside the legendary Sue Becker. He hounded ABC Radio into taking him on as music director and assistant producer and, 26 years later, hung up his headphones with an impressive back catalogue.  Most recently Tim’s been news director at Tasmanian Broadcasters (7HO-FM), with stints filling in for Brian Carlton on Tasmania Talks. 

He was fortunate to have a fulfilling 25+ year radio career and worked hard as a union member and delegate to protect and improve our ABC.

Less well-known is Tim’s support for a wide range of community groups and important causes. Over the decades, he’s donated time, energy and expertise to dozens of organisations, as well as running his own business as a public speaker and host. 

Outside the office, Tim’s a dad, husband, music-lover and rugby tragic. 

“I learnt what I know through experience, being inquisitive and open minded. I don’t have a string of degrees but I do know, through talking to thousands of Tasmanians in bad times and good, that we all want better; that good ideas come from everyone and, if we put our minds together, we can be a stronger, smarter, fairer community.”

Tim loves Tassie and wants to put his experience, understanding and connection with the community to good use for all Tasmanians.



When people are happy and healthy with meaningful and secure work, our economy grows and everyone benefits. That’s why government budgets must be framed around how they affect people’s lives. 

Our Economic Direction Statement clearly sets out Labor’s priorities for Tasmania and its people.

Tasmanian Labor is committed to providing a positive and innovative alternative government for Tasmania. Tasmania deserves a Government that values everyone in the community equally and stands up for Tasmanians who are doing it tough.

Labor is committed to putting forward a plan for Tasmania that puts people first and sets a clear vision for Tasmania’s future.

Find out more about the wide range of Labor policies covering health, education, jobs, training, energy, transport, housing, tourism, innovation, regional development, agriculture, crime and justice, and a host of other issues by visiting Tasmanian Labor’s website: taslabor.com.


Tim was a popular media personality for several decades.

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